Open’er party



It is a scrap of my photographic reflections of Poles’ free time. I try to find out, if there is any typical way that Poles spend their free time in. I also want to capture the change of those habits in time.
First off, I consider picnics. Looking on what is happening around us, I have a feeling, that the current state of local community’s entertainment will not last in the future. Picnics are, I guess, one of few forms of mass entertainment, which we can enjoy without a ticket, without any security control. For a long time now, concerts, festivals and so on, are separated from people with high fences, you can only buy a beer from one brewery there, and an army of bodyguards are making sure people are safe and all the rules gathered in bulky regulations are respected there.
The situation in the communities is not that difficult yet. Everybody knows each other, visit one another and play together. If there is any security there, it is not overworked. These are the few times, where the community can have a glimpse on some celebrities and celebrity wannabes known from the TV, who stand next to the band their neighbor’s son plays in. What is more, everybody can experience that, because it’s free.
All of that results with the most interesting people appearing there. Interesting – because they are real. Real people having fun for real. Without any limitations, without pretending they are someone that they are not.

This project is ongoing.


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